Nutrition & Diet Plans

- Tailored macronutrient calculations 
   based on your personal goals

- Adaptation to any allergies and 
  dietary requirements

- Direct 24/7 support

Online Personal Training

Using a flexible and fun approach to dieting 
and training, my goal is to guide you on your 
journey to your dream body. With highly effective
diet and training programs that can be followed
long-term, you will experience rapid improvements
to your physique, and keep them! You will be 
guided through every exercise, every workout, 
and every meal! 

Alex Ineson

Fitness Coach

Alex is a certified personal trainer with university-level qualifications in nutrition, and human biology. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their dream physique using flexible and fun approaches to dieting and training. 



$15 Weekly / USD

✓ Comprehensive Meal Plan

✓ Personalized workout programs (gym or home)

✓ Shred and Lean Bulk Options

 ✓ Tailored Macronutrient Calculations

 ✓ Updated Monthly

 ✓ Exclusive Members App

 ✓ Direct Email Support

 ✓ Private Facebook Group

✓ Exclusive In-App Video Library

*Minimum term is 4 weeks*

"Alex's flexible dieting/training approach is surprisingly easy to maintain and although the program is web-based, he always keeps me accountable while offering ongoing guidance throughout the process. Alex gave me all the tools I needed to achieve my long-term fitness goals and I couldn't be happier with the results!"


- Australia

"I have really enjoyed working with Alex. He is always attentive to my progress and available to answer my questions and provide guidance. It feels good to have someone with his experience and physique in my corner who keeps me accountable and on track."


- Hong Kong

"Thanks to Alex detailed diet plan and work out routine i have achieved goals i never thought possible, and now i am healthier physically and mentally!! "


- Nevada

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Alex Ineson - Fitness Coach